Come to the Arena and test your courage!

You and up to four of your comrades in arms are invited to compete with the best fighters in all the land. Travel the Arena Tourney Circuit and fight in arenas across the land. Hear the crowds cheer and chant your names as you crush your opponents! Win fame, glory and fabulous and exciting prizes!

Each town’s tourney you win brings you one step closer to the Arena Championships November 4th through the 7th at NeonCon2010. This event will be held at the historic Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Free local tourneys are happening the second Saturday at Las Vegas Library and the first and third Sundays at Little Shop of Magic every month in Las Vegas. A Sealed Pack Arena Tourney may also be played at Little Shop of Magic in August to hail the advent of the Lords of Madness miniatures set.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, come join us at these events which are posted at “”. If you live elsewhere but can make it to Las Vegas in November, run DDMGuild Arena Skirmish games where you live and come join us at NeonCon2010. Rule books, stat cards for your minis and more can be downloaded in .pdf form and printed off for free from “”.

Upcoming events and results of Arena Tournaments will be posted here on Obsidian Portal. * For Honor and Glory!!!*

Road to the Arena Championships