Dragon Highlord's Warband

You can create five creature, 200 point warbands for these Arena Tournaments. Here is an example.


Part of the fun of DDM is constructing warbands with creatures that have powers that compliment each other and that can fill the needed roles of any successful warband: Highly accurate ranged attacker, highly defensive ‘meat shield’, powerful spellcaster, swift scout or ranger and highly skilled striker. A medic is sometimes nice too, but not always possible when you want to use high warband cost creatures.

Dragon Highlord, Level 12 Warband Cost 72 HP 75, AC 27, Fort 25, Ref 25, Will 25, Speed 5 Weapons: Highlord’s Blade +17 vs AC; 20 damage Powers & Attacks: Coordinated Assault: +14 vs REF; 15 damage & adjacent Dragon ally makes 1 attack Blessing of Takhisis: Minor Action: Recharge 1 attack of Dragon Ally Dragon Rider: One Large or larger non-mounted Dragon ally can be a mount for him. Champion Powers: Use after an enemy hits a Dragon ally with an attack: That ally moves up to its current speed as immediate action. Use an enemy’s champion power as if Dragon Highlord had the power.

Dark Traveler, Level 10, Warband Cost 43 HP 60, AC 24, Fort 22, Ref 22, Will 22 Spd 7 Weapons: Scimitar: +14 vs AC; 15 damage Powers & Attacks: Exhalation of the Black Dragon: (range 5) +1l vs Ref; 15 acid damage. Striding Slice: +14 vs AC; 25 damage and Dark Traveler shifts two squares. Shadow Stride: Shift two squares. Psionic Speed: Minor Action, he has Reach 2 until round’s end. Champion Powers: Use when an ally activates: That ally has Reach 2 until end of turn. Use on aly turn after the first, when he ends his turn in any victory area. Choose one adjacent ally. Place Dark Traveler and that ally adjacent to each other in oue of your victory areas.

Young Adamantine Dragon, Level 7 Warband Cost 49 HP 75, AC 24, Fort 21, Ref 21, Will 21, Spd F7 (flies) Attacks & Powers: Adamantine Jaws: +12 vs AC; 20 damage. Thundering Breath: (blast 5) +12 vs fort; 20 thunder damage & target has -2 AC until end of battle. Recharge when Young Adamantine Dragon first becomes bloodied. Thundershock: Use at start of this creature’s turn on a turn immediately after a turn it used Thundering Breath, only if not bloodied: Each enemy and ally with in 3 squares of this creature takes 10 thunder damage. Champion Powers: Use after an enemy makes an attack: Reroll that attack Use when this creature or an ally scores a critical hit: That creature makes a basic attack as free action.

Warhorse, Level 6 Warband Cost 16 HP 45, AC 22, Fort 18, Ref 18, Will 18, Spd 8 Attacks & Powers: Hooves: +13 vs AC; 15 damage. Trained Mount: Can have a medium or smaller human or elf creature as a rider. Charger: When this creature is charging, its rider has +10 damage until end of turn and can make one basic attack against target of charge.

Stirge Drone, Level 1 Warband Cost 6 HP 20, Ac 17, Fort 14, Ref 14, Will 14, Spd F6 Attacks and Powers: Blood Drain: +6 vs Fort; 10 damage & target has -2 attack for rest of battle. Attach: Replaces Attack action: 1 living enemy adjacent to Stirge Drone takes 10 ongoing damage (save ends), then Stirge Drone is destroyed.

This warband costs 186 points which leaves 14 points for carrying two 5 warband point cost healing potions (one for Dragon Highlord and one for Dark Traveler).


While DDM’s focus is on combat, it is still perfectly fine to develop back stories for and to do a bit of role playing for the creatures in your warbands. Here is an example of some back story for the above warband.

Grimm has perfected the art of dragon riding to the point of becoming a Dragon Highlord thanks to years of training and the blessings of his deity Takhisis. He is highly skilled with his Blade and in quickly learning the leadership abilities of others. Having had his previous mount, an Elder Black Dragon named Skreek, killed as it defended him in a fierce battle against a pod of White Dragons; Grimm has had to start over with an Adamantine Dragon. His shield bears a Black Dragon Skull symbol in honor of Skreek. Grimm used to fly with the king’s Dragonlancers, but his increasing interest in the dark arts got him expelled. Now, he seeks to gain fame and fortune via another route: the Arena.

Stormy is Grimm’s new dragon ally. Grimm rescued her, while she was still in her egg, from being burned in a wildfire. Seeing him from the first moment she pecked out of her shell, she is deeply bonded to him and will defend him to her last breath. Though still young, Stormy has developed her thunder attacks well and is developing into a leader in her own right.

Dirk is a mysterious Dark Traveler who met Grimm on a lonely road in the wilderness. At the time, Grimm was between dragon mounts and was trudging along nearly exhausted. Dirk sensed that Grimm would make a good traveling companion, so he offered him a ride on his warhorse Midnight. While Dirk is not a worshiper of any god, he has dabbled in the arcane arts enough to develop Psionic powers of agility and speed. So, he can appreciate the usefulness of Grimm’s abilities. Grimm had little difficulty in convincing Dirk to form an arena tournament warband with him since Dirk enjoys fighting and is interested in a way to hailed as a hero rather than feared as a freak.

Midnight is a powerful warhorse who is so black, he’s been described as ‘blacker than a cloudy midnight’, hence his name. Dirk stole him as a newly weaned foal from a horse breeder who refused what Dirk considered to be a fair offer for an older colt. He was stolen at midnight on a ‘dark and stormy night’ adding to the meaning of his name. While he is lightly armoured, he is quite swift, even without the psionic influence of his master. He’s not afraid to strike out with his hooves to defend his friend as well.

Orange Blur or O.B. as he is sometimes called, is a Stirge Drone who started following Grimm about on a whim when he spotted Grimm traveling one day, then continued to do so because he saw the way Grimm and Stormy interacted and wanted to be part of it. Being ‘only’ a Stirge, O.B. has no hope of ever realizing his dream of being the mount of a powerful dragonrider, so he satisfies himself with being a scout for Grimm.

Dragon Highlord's Warband

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